Application Delivery Management

Get configuration advice on network configuration

You set up your Citrix Application Delivery Controller (ADC) instances with optimal configurations so that you can achieve optimal performance on your applications. However, some configurations might not be standard configurations, which might affect your applications’ performance.

To help you optimize your application performance, Citrix Application Delivery Management (Citrix ADM) analyzes the Citrix ADC instance configuration and provides you with recommendations. You can apply the recommended configurations from Citrix ADM.

To analyze the Citrix ADC instance:

  1. Navigate to Networks > Configuration Audit > Configuration Advice.

  2. Do one of the following:

    -  Click Upload Configuration File and upload the configuration file of your network instance.

    -  Click Select Device and select the Citrix ADC instance that you want to analyze.

Citrix ADM analyzes the configuration on your instance and provides a list of configuration recommendations as shown in the following image. Click the check box next to a configuration advice to view the corrective commands.

Corrective commands

If you want to update your configuration, specify the values for the variables in the corrective commands and click Apply Now as shown in the following image.


The commands listed here are only recommendations. A user with read and write access might be able to edit any command using this feature. Ensure that you grant a limited privileged access to users whom you think must not edit the commands.

Update your configuration

When the command is successfully run on the network instance, the check box next to the advice disappears.

Successful commands

If you want to view the details of the commands run on your network instance, navigate to Networks > Instances > <Instance\_Type\>, select the IP address of the instance, and then click Events from the Actions drop-down list.

Select action

On the Events page, you can view the details of the configuration change.

View configuration change

Get configuration advice on network configuration