Application Delivery Management

Security Advisory

A safe, secure, and resilient infrastructure is the lifeline of any organization. Organizations must track new Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs), and assess the impact of CVEs on their infrastructure. They must also understand and plan the mitigation and remediation to resolve the vulnerabilities.

Citrix ADM security advisory highlights Citrix CVEs that put your ADC instances at risk.

View security advisory

To access the Security Advisory, navigate to Networks > Instance Advisory > Security Advisory. You can see the vulnerability status of all the ADC instances that you manage through Citrix ADM.

Security Advisory dashboard

Security Advisory performs only ADC Version scan to check for CVEs and a table showing the number of CVEs impacting the ADC instances is displayed.

  • CVE ID: The ID of the CVE impacting the instances.

  • Vulnerability type: The type of vulnerability for this CVE.

  • Affected ADC instances: The instance count that the CVE ID is impacting.

To check the vulnerability type of a particular CVE, and information on mitigation and remediation to resolve the vulnerability, select one of the ADC instances, and click Try ADM Service and onboard the ADC instance to ADM Service. For more information on the ADM Service Security advisory feature, preview the gif animation on the on the Security advisory page.

Security Advisory