NetScaler Gateway licensing FAQs

How do I get assistance with trial or demo licenses?

Many of the NetScaler products are now offered as comprehensive, private, 1:1, expert-led demo experiences. Our Citrix experts customize the demo to fit your needs, use cases, and active projects. No downloads, no license, or installation required. You need a minimal setup to see an instant demo. After the demo, to proceed with a proof of concept or trial of a Citrix solution that applies to your services, contact Citrix experts. For demos, click

How to install licenses?

For details on installing licenses, see To install a license on NetScaler Gateway.

What are the different types of Gateway licenses?

The Platform license allows an unlimited number of connections to Citrix Virtual Apps, Citrix Virtual Desktops, or StoreFront by using ICA Proxy. The Universal License is an add-on license on top of NetScaler platform licenses. This allows VPN connections to the network from the Citrix Secure Access client, a SmartAccess log on point, or Secure Hub, Secure Web, or Secure Mail. For more details, see NetScaler Gateway License Types.

How many concurrent user sessions are supported?

The supported sessions depend on the gateway license type. For details, see NetScaler Gateway License Types.

Another factor to consider is the capacity of the underlying hardware itself. Refer to NetScaler MPX/SDX data sheet or NetScaler VPX data sheet for performance considerations.

How to check the current concurrent user sessions licensed?

In the configuration utility on the Configuration tab, expand System and then click Licenses. In the Licenses pane, you see a green check mark next to NetScaler Gateway. The Maximum NetScaler Gateway Users Allowed field displays the number of concurrent user sessions licensed on the appliance.

How to check whether the licensed throughput limit is reached?

You can extract the real-time throughput using newnslog. For example, if license throughput is 500 Mbps, then you can extract the real-time throughput over 500 by using the following command.

nsconmsg -K newnslog -g mbits -d past -s disptime=1 -s ratecount=500 | more

Licensed throughput limit

How to check whether packets are dropped on licensing throughput being reached?

You can use the following command to check whether packets are dropped.

nsconmsg -K newnslog -d current -g nic_err_rl_pkt_drops -s disptime=1 | more

Licensed throughput limit packets dropped

How can I find out what the licensed throughput is for a NetScaler appliance?

Run the show license command from the CLI, and then use the model number to get the throughput from the ADC or gateway MPX, SDX, and VPX data sheet.

Show license command output

ADC data sheet

How to add more users to existing Gateway licenses?

You can install an extra universal license. For example, assume that you have installed one universal license that contains 100 user licenses. If you install the second universal license that contains 400 user licenses, then the total number of user licenses is equal to 500.