The following topics provide a conceptual reference and configuration instructions for the AppExpert and other features of the NetScaler appliance.


For information about policy extensions, see Policy Extensions.

  • Action Analytics: Collects run-time statistics on the basis of pre-defined criteria. When used with policies, the feature also provides you with the infrastructure for automatic, real-time traffic optimization.
  • AppExpert Applications and Templates: Simplify configuration steps for the Citrix® NetScaler® appliance by using applications, application templates, NetScaler Gateway applications, and entity templates.
  • AppQoE: Application level Quality of Experience (AppQoE) integrates several existing policy-based security features of the NetScaler appliance into a single integrated feature that takes advantage of a new queuing mechanism, fair queuing.

  • Entity Template: Describes how to use entity templates to set up and configure individual NetScaler entities, such as a policy or virtual server. An entity template provides a specification and a set of defaults for the object.
  • HTTP Callouts: An HTTP request that the NetScaler appliance generates and sends to an external application when certain criteria are met during policy evaluation.
  • Pattern Sets: Allow string matching during the evaluation of a Advanced policy.
  • Policies and Expressions: Rules that determine the operations that the NetScaler appliance must perform.
  • Rate Limiting: Defines the maximum load for a given network entity or virtual entity on the NetScaler appliance.
  • Responder: Bases responses on who sends the request, where it is sent from, and other criteria with security and system management implications.
  • Rewrite: Rewrites information in the requests or responses handled by the NetScaler appliance.
  • String Maps: Perform pattern matching in all NetScaler features that use the default policy syntax.

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