Application Delivery Management

Prerequisites for installing Citrix ADM

You can download and install Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) for Microsoft HyperV, VMware ESXi, Linux KVM, and Citrix Hypervisor platforms as a virtual appliance. Before you install Citrix ADM, you must understand the software requirements, browser requirements, port information, license information, and limitations on all these platforms.

For specific platform requirements and detailed steps to install Citrix ADM, see the following topics:

General requirements for Citrix ADM

Component Requirement
Virtual CPU 8 CPUs
Storage space Citrix recommends using Solid State Drive (SSD) technology for Citrix ADM deployments.
  The default storage space required is 120 GB. Actual storage requirement depends on Citrix ADM sizing estimation. Use the sizing calculator mentioned in the Maximum limits section (page number 7) in the Citrix ADM HA Deployment Guide. This guide is available at our download site, under NetScaler MAS Release 12.1 > Earlier Versions. Note: you need a Citrix account to access the deployment guide and sizing calculator
  If your Citrix ADM storage requirement exceeds 120 GB, you to have to attach an extra disk.
  Citrix recommends you to estimate storage and attach an extra disk at the time of initial deployment. You can add only one extra disk.
  For more information, see How to Attach an Additional Disk to Citrix ADM.
Virtual network interfaces 1
Throughput 1 Gbps


Citrix recommends you to host the Citrix ADM VHD on a local storage. When hosted on storage devices in a SAN, Citrix ADM might not work as expected. So, ADM deployment on SAN is not supported.

Prerequisites for installing Citrix ADM