URL transformation

The URL transformation feature provides a method for modifying all URLs in designated requests from an external version seen by outside users to an internal URL seen only by your Web servers and IT staff. You can redirect user requests seamlessly, without exposing your network structure to users. You can also modify complex internal URLs that users may find difficult to remember into simpler, more easily remembered external URLs.


Before you can use the URL transformation feature, you must enable the Rewrite feature. To enable the Rewrite feature, see Enabling the Rewrite Feature.

URL transform feature rewrites URLs in HTML response body and is not applied to JavaScript and other variables.

To begin configuring URL transformation, you create profiles, each describing a specific transformation. Within each profile, you create one or more actions that describe the transformation in detail. Next, you create policies, each of which identifies a type of HTTP request to transform, and you associate each policy with an appropriate profile. Finally, you globally bind each policy to put it into effect.

URL transformation

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