Citrix SD-WAN

Set date and time

Before installing the SD-WAN software license on an appliance, you must set the date and time on the appliance.


  • You must repeat this process for each appliance you want to add to your network.

  • If the current time is changed either manually or through NTP server, and the newly set time is more than the session time-out timer, then the UI session gets logged out.

To set the date and time, do the following:

  1. Log into the Management Web Interface on the appliance you are configuring.
  2. In the main menu bar, select the Configuration tab.

    This displays the Configuration navigation tree in the left pane of the screen.

  3. Open the System Maintenance branch in the navigation tree.

  4. Under the System Maintenance branch, select Date/Time Settings. This displays the Date/Time Settings page, as following.

    SD-WAN date and time

  5. Select the time zone from the Time Zone field drop-down menu at the bottom of the page.


    If you have to change the time zone setting, you must do this before setting the date and time, or your settings do not persist as entered.

  6. Click Change Timezone. This updates the time zone and recalculates the current date and time setting, accordingly. If you set the correct date and time before this step, then your settings are no longer correct. When the time zone update completes, a success Alert icon (green check mark) and status message displays in the top section of the page.
  7. (Optional) Enable NTP Server service.
    1. Select Use NTP Server.
    2. Enter the server address in the Server Address field.
    3. Click Change Settings. A success Alert icon (green checkmark) and status message displays when the update completes.
  8. Select the month, day, and year from the Date field drop-down menus.
  9. Select the hour, minutes, and seconds from the Time field drop-down menus.
  10. Click Change Date.


This updates the date and time setting, but does not display a success Alert icon or status message.

The next step is to set the console session Timeout threshold to the maximum value. This step is optional, but recommended. This prevents the session from terminating prematurely while you are working on the configuration, which can result in a loss of work. Instructions for setting the console session Timeout value are provided in the following section. If you do not want to reset the timeout threshold, you can proceed directly to the section, Uploading and Installing the SD-WAN Software License File.


If your console session times out or you log out of the Management Web Interface before saving your configuration, any unsaved configuration changes are lost. Log back into the system, and repeat the configuration procedure from the beginning.

Set date and time

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