Citrix SD-WAN

Internet access

The Internet Service is used for traffic between an end-user site and sites on the public internet. Internet service traffic is not encapsulated by SD-WAN and does not have the same capabilities as traffic that is delivered across the Virtual Path Service. However, it is important to classify and take account for this traffic on the SD-WAN. Traffic that is identified as Internet Service enables the added ability of SD-WAN being able to actively manage WAN link bandwidth by rate-limiting Internet traffic relative to traffic delivered across the Virtual Path and Intranet traffic per the configuration established by the administrator. In addition to bandwidth provisioning capabilities, SD-WAN has the added capability to load balance traffic delivered across the Internet Service using multiple Internet WAN links, or optionally, utilizing the Internet WAN links in a primary or secondary configuration.

Internet traffic control using the Internet Service on SD-WAN appliances can be configured in the following deployment modes:

  • Direct Internet Breakout at Branch with Integrated Firewall

  • Direct Internet Breakout at Branch forwarding to Secure Web Gateway

  • Backhaul Internet to Data Center MCN

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Internet access

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