Citrix SD-WAN

Release Notes for Citrix SD-WAN 11.4.4 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues of the Citrix SD-WAN release Build 11.4.4.


Citrix SD-WAN 11.4.4 release addresses the security vulnerabilities described in

What’s New

The enhancements and changes that are available in Build 11.4.4.

Default timeout duration set to 5 minutes

The default GUI/CLI session timeout duration of the Citrix SD-WAN appliances is set to 5 minutes. This setting reduces the risk of unauthorized access of the Citrix SD-WAN appliances.


Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 11.4.4.

Sometimes, Citrix SD-WAN appliances use an incorrect GRE tunnel to route the data center traffic.


In certain cases, users might experience a delay in the flow of traffic between two branches. This issue occurs when Dynamic Virtual Path (DVP) is enabled for branch-to-branch communication, one branch uses DVP and the other branch uses MCN to route the traffic.


In certain cases, Citrix SD-WAN appliances might abruptly restart if Net Flow and AppFlow are enabled with multiple WAN links.


In certain cases, the automatic cleanup of the Citrix SD-WAN Center database is halted because of the incorrect statistics start and end dates.


Citrix SD-WAN appliances might abruptly restart if the configuration update is done during high load.


The “Site QoE” section of the Citrix SD-WAN Center dashboard fails to load the statistics because it fails to validate the selected date range.


The Citrix SD-WAN dashboard does not display the accurate uptime data if the uptime older than 1 month.


Citrix SD-WAN firewall REST API call to modify the “firewall_dynamic_nat_policy” object does not work if NAT policy is configured for an Internet service.


The Configuration > Zero Touch Deployment page on Citrix SD-WAN Center is inaccessible when users log on to Citrix Cloud using Citrix SD-WAN Center for the first time.


Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 11.4.4.

In certain cases, the Citrix SD-WAN 2100 appliances crash due to an issue with the DPDK library. This issue occurs when the Citrix SD-WAN appliances are configured with Link Aggregation Groups (LAG) and have LACP enabled. Workaround: Disable the LAG with LACP.


Release Notes for Citrix SD-WAN 11.4.4 Release