Citrix SD-WAN

Protocol preference

Protocol preference is a Citrix SD-WAN specific feature, which is similar to router administrative distance.

When Citrix SD-WAN learns a route prefix through virtual paths, OSPF protocol, or BGP protocol, at the same time, it follows the following default preference order.

  • OSPF -150
  • BGP - 100
  • SD-WAN - 250

The protocol with the highest preference order is the most preferred. The route using the protocol with the highest protocol preference value

You can also choose to use the BGP protocol over the OSPF protocol by setting the protocol preference value, while configuring BGP or OSPF protocol. You can specify a preference in the range 100–200.

The protocol precedence information is local to the Citrix SD-WAN appliance and is not advertised to peer network elements.

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Protocol preference

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