Citrix SD-WAN

Routing Support for LAN Segmentation

The SD-WAN Standard and Premium (Enterprise) Edition appliances implement LAN segmentation across distinct sites where either appliance is deployed. The appliances recognize and maintain a record of the LAN side VLANs available, and configure rules around what other LAN segments (VLANs) can connect to at a remote location with another SD-WAN Standard or Premium (Enterprise) Edition appliance.

The above capability is implemented by using a Virtual Routing and Forwarding (VRF) table that is maintained in the SD-WAN Standard or Premium (Enterprise) Edition appliance, which keeps track of the remote IP address ranges accessible to a local LAN segment. This VLAN-to-VLAN traffic would still traverse the WAN through the same pre-established Virtual Path between the two appliances (no new paths need to be created).

An example use case for this functionality is that a WAN administrator may be able to segment local branch networking environment through a VLAN, and provide some of those segments (VLANs) access to DC-side LAN segments that have access to the internet, while others may not obtain such access. The configuration of the VLAN-to-VLAN associations is achieved through the MCN’s Configuration Editor in the SD-WAN management web interface.

Routing Support for LAN Segmentation

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