Citrix SD-WAN

Adaptive bandwidth detection

This feature is applicable to networks with VSAT, LOS, Microwave, 3G/4G/LTE WAN Links, for which the available bandwidth varies based on weather and atmosphere conditions, location, and line of site obstructions. It allows the SD-WAN appliances to adjust the bandwidth rate on the WAN Link dynamically based on a defined bandwidth range (minimum and maximum WAN link rate) to use the maximum amount of available bandwidth without marking the paths BAD.

  • Greater bandwidth reliability (Over VSAT, Microwave, 3G/4G, and LTE)
  • Greater predictability of adaptive bandwidth over user configured settings

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To enable adaptive bandwidth detection:

This feature needs Bad loss sensitivity option to be enabled (default/custom) as a prerequisite. You can enable it under Global >Autopath Groups > [Autopath Group Name] > Bad Loss Sensitive.

  1. Enable Adaptive Bandwidth Detection under Global >Autopath Groups > [Autopath Group Name] >Bad Loss Sensitive.

  2. Navigate to Configuration Editor > Sites > [Site Name] > WAN Links > [WAN Link Name] > Settings > Advanced Settings. localized image

  3. Check the Adaptive Bandwidth Detection box and enter a value in the Minimum Acceptable Bandwidth field.

  4. View the Usage and Permitted Rates table by navigating to Monitor > Statistics > WAN Link Usage > Usage and Permitted Rates. localized image

Adaptive bandwidth detection

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