Citrix SD-WAN

Viewing Statistical Information

This section provides basic instructions for viewing Virtual WAN statistics information.

  1. Log into the Management Web Interface for the MCN.

  2. Select the Monitoring tab.

    This opens the Monitoring navigation tree in the left pane. By default, this also displays the Statistics page with Paths preselected in the Show field. This contains a detailed table of path statistics.


    If you navigate to another Monitoring page (for example, Flows), you can return to this page by selecting Statistics in the Monitoring navigation tree (left pane).

    monitoring statistics

With 11.1.0 release, Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) option is added for debugging neighbor discovery issues.

  1. Select the NDP option from the Show drop-down menu and you can view the state of NDP along with the IPv6 addresses.


  2. Select WAN Link from the drop-down menu. You can view the IPv6 address as well if you configured under IP Address tab.

    Stats IP address

  3. You can also view the Access Interface statistics.

    Access interface stats

  4. Open the Show drop-down menu.

    In addition to the Paths, NDP, Access Interface, and WAN Links statistics, the Show menu also offers several more options for filtering and viewing statistical information.

    Statistics paths summary

Select a filter from the Show menu to view a table of statistical information for that topic.

Viewing Statistical Information

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