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USB reimage utility

The SD-WAN USB reimage utility allows repurposing of hardware by installing a clean factory image from a bootable USB stick. Citrix provides a USB stick Field Replaceable Unit (FRU) with a preloaded SD-WAN software image. Use the USB FRU to reimage the appliance to the required supported editions (SE/PE/AE). The appliance license/ configuration used determines the appliance edition.

The following table provides details on the available USB FRU images and the editions supported by SD-WAN appliances.

Appliance USB FRU image Supported Editions
Citrix SD-WAN 110 SE
Citrix SD-WAN 210 SE, AE
Citrix SD-WAN 410 SE
Citrix SD-WAN 1100 SE, PE, AE
Citrix SD-WAN 2100 SE, PE
Citrix SD-WAN 4100 SE
Citrix SD-WAN 5100 SE, PE
Citrix SD-WAN 6100 SE, PE

To perform a USB reimage:

  1. Insert the USB stick provided by Citrix into one of the USB ports of the appliance.
  2. Connect a USB Keyboard to another USB port.


    If there is a single USB port on the appliance, use a USB splitter to connect both the USB stick and the USB keyboard.

    Connect USB stick and USB keyboard

  3. Log into the serial console as an administrator and issue the reboot appliance command through the CLI.
  4. On boot up continuously press the F11 key on the USB connected keyboard or SHFT+ESC+1 via serial console connection.
  5. Select the USB drive from the boot device menu and press Enter.

    Select USB device

  6. Depending on the Edition supported for the platform a screen appears requesting permission to proceed with the installation. Select Yes.

    Install the software


    For PE and AE reimage, the appliance may appear in the GUI as Standard Edition until the appropriate OS and PE/AE license installation is done.

    The installation takes 30 minutes to complete. Do not power off the appliance during the reimaging process. It may reboot several times.

  7. The factory image has DHCP enabled by default. The default management IP address on all platforms is Use it to access the SD-WAN GUI.

    You can also manually configure the management IP from the serial console by issuing the following commands:

    Issue command ‘management_ip

    Issue command ‘set interface

    Issue command ‘apply

  8. The software, by default, is upgrade to SE. Install the PE, or AE license as required depending on the editions supported by the appliance.


    You can configure and manage AE capabilities through the SD-WAN Orchestrator only. For more information see, Edge security.

USB reimage utility

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