Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

WAN optimization

After the global configuration is completed, you have the option of customizing the sets and settings for each of the sites.

The WAN Optimization global settings that you just configured are automatically applied to each site of the network. You can elect to accept the defaults, or customize the configuration for any site. The procedures for configuring settings for a site are the same as for configuring the global, with a few minor differences.

Perform the following steps to customize the configuration for a specific PE site:

  1. At site level, navigate to Configuration > Advanced Settings > WAN Optimization. You can also directly click the configured PE site from the Network level then select Advanced Settings > WAN Optimization.

  2. Select Override check box to enable editing. If the Override check box is not selected, all settings configured under global are applied to this site by default.


  3. Enter your changes and click Save.

The Override option is available for all the WAN Optimization features configuration.

You have now completed configuring the settings for your Virtual WAN.

WAN optimization

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