Citrix SD-WAN

Checklist and how to deploy

For information on Virtual WAN concepts and guidelines for planning your deployment, see Citrix Virtual WAN Deployment Planning Guide.

Prepare for deployment

The following list outlines the steps and procedures involved in deploying the SD-WAN Standard and Premium Editions.

To view some of the deploement use cases, see Deployments.

  1. Gather your Citrix SD-WAN deployment information.

  2. Set up the Citrix SD-WAN appliances.

    • For each hardware appliance you want to add to your SD-WAN deployment, you must complete the following tasks:

      • Set up the appliance hardware.

      • Set the Management IP Address for the appliance and verify the connection.

      • Set the date and time on the appliance.

      • (Optional) Set the console session Timeout interval to a high or the maximum value.

  3. Upload and install the software license file on the appliance.

Installation and configuration checklist

Gather the following information for each SD-WAN site you want to deploy:

  • The licensing information for your product

  • Required Network IP Addresses for each appliance to be deployed:

    • Management IP Address

    • Virtual IP Addresses

    • Site Name

    • Appliance Name (one per site)

    • SD-WAN Appliance Model (for each appliance to be deployed)

    • Deployment Mode (MCN or Client)

    • Topology

    • Gateway MPLS

    • GRE Tunnel information

    • Routes

    • VLANs

    • Bandwidth at each site for each circuit

Checklist and how to deploy