Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix SD-WAN 10.2

Citrix SD-WAN Platform Editions

Citrix SD-WAN appliances are available in three different editions, allowing you to deploy the features you need at each location with easy upgrades, configuration, and monitoring.

  • Citrix SD-WAN Premium (PE) – This edition includes both Standard Edition and WAN Optimization features. Premium Edition integrates WAN virtualization (VWAN) with WAN optimization (WANOP) capabilities to optimize branch and mobile user experience and to achieve fully resilient applications regardless of network quality.

  • Citrix SD-WAN Standard Edition (Virtual WAN/SE) – This edition includes Standard Edition Virtual WAN features, only. Standard edition supports software-defined WAN capability to create a highly reliable network from multiple network links and to ensure that each application takes the best path to achieve the highest application performance.

  • Citrix SD-WAN Optimization Edition (WANOP) – This edition includes WAN Optimization features, only. It supports application acceleration, data reduction, and protocol control to optimize applications across the WAN. WANOP includes the ability to decrypt HDX traffic secured by Transport Layer Security (TLS), thus providing visibility into the ICA protocol even in the case of end-to-end encryption between the VDA and the Citrix Workspace app. Optionally, it can include virtual Windows Server to simplify branch infrastructure, and a software client for Windows devices (WANOP plug-in).


The WANOP Edition and Standard/Premium Edition are separate hardware platforms running different software.

In a data center, administrators can deploy one Standard Edition and one WANOP Edition to achieve Premium Edition capabilities. In the branch office, administrators can choose to deploy either a Standard Edition or WANOP Edition. Alternatively, the benefits of both Standard and WANOP Editions can be accomplished by deploying a single Premium Edition at the branch office.

See the Licensing section, for more information about the license options available for using Citrix SD-WAN platform editions.

Command Center End of Life Notification:

End of Life process for Citrix Command Center tool was initiated on 15-May-2017.

It is recommended that you migrate to the new management tool Citrix Application Delivery Management for your WAN Optimization deployments at the earliest.

Refer the following articles for the Command Center EOL calendar and associated details.

Citrix Command Center tool is supported only until the SD-WAN 9.2 appliance software release.

Starting with the SD-WAN 9.3 software release, Citirx Application Delivery Management is the management tool for SD-WAN appliances.


In the appliances factory shipped with Citrix SD-WAN 10.2.7 release or higher, LOM is disabled by default. For accessing LOM, it is recommended to set the LOM password and enable LOM access via CLI.

Citrix SD-WAN 10.2