Citrix SD-WAN

Citrix SD-WAN 10.2.5 Release Notes


This release note describes fixed issues, and known issues applicable to Citrix SD-WAN software release 10.2 version 5 for the SD-WAN Standard Edition, WANOP, Premium Edition appliances, and SD-WAN Center.

For information about the previous release versions, see the Citrix SD-WAN documentation.

Fixed Issues

SDWANHELP-988: RADIUS and TACACS+ users are not able to generate diagnostic package from SD-WAN Center UI. Diagnostic package creation through terminal is failing for all users. The Configuration > Licensing option is not available on the SD-WAN Center UI.

SDWANHELP-950: Scalar Object Identifiers (OID’s) exposed in the Management Information Base (MIB) are not returning the valid response. Fix is to return valid response for scalar OID’s.

SDWANHELP-1004: Intranet/Internet service is not getting its bandwidth share in WAN > LAN direction when Static VP, DVP, Intranet/Internet service is enabled on the same WAN link.

SDWANHELP-1007: Customers cannot upload new licenses on top of old licenses.

SDWANHELP-1009: In rare conditions, some Intranet or LAN IPSec packets might be transmitted with invalid destination MAC addresses causing the packets to be lost or dropped in the network.

SDWANHELP-1023: SD-WAN service restarts can occur when the packets are incorrectly routed after NAT translation.

Known Issues

SDWANHELP-1002: On new deployments of PE edition, at times, Virtual WAN module doesn’t not redirect the traffic to WAN Optimization module as FIFO queue gets full.

Workaround: In the appliance GUI navigate to Configuration > Virtual WAN > Enable / Disable/ Purge Flows, disable Virtual WAN service and then re-enable it.

Citrix SD-WAN 10.2.5 Release Notes