Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises 14.3

Provider dashboard

When you log in as a Citrix partner, the Provider Dashboard appears. It offers a bird’s eye view of all the SD-WAN customers managed by a service provider.

Provider dashboard 1

A color-coded health snapshot of each customer’s SD-WAN network is provided, with a provision to drill down into any of them for customer specific details. The dashboard is available in both Tile View and List View.

The color-coding criteria used for the customer’s network are:

  • Critical (Red): One or more sites are down
  • Warning (Orange): No sites are down but there are one or more critical alerts.
  • Normal (Green): No sites are down and there are no critical alerts.
  • Inactive (Gray): The network is being configured, but has not been deployed yet.

The color-coding criteria allows administrators to focus on the customers that need their attention.

Provider dashboard

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