Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises 14.3


You can use Ping, Traceroute, Packet Capture, Bandwidth test, and iPerf diagnostic utilities to test and investigate network connectivity issues on your SD-WAN network. To view the Diagnostics page, navigate to Troubleshooting > Diagnostics.

To view the diagnostics results, click View Results on the top right corner of the Diagnostics page. You can Download, Copy, and Clear the report results as needed.


  • Ping – You can check network connectivity by pinging a remote host or a site. Enter the destination details, specify the number of times to send the ping request and the number of data bytes. Provide the destination IP Address and click Run.


  • Traceroute - You can trace the route and the number of hops between sites. Select the source and destination site along with the path to trace and click Run.


  • Packet Capture – You can intercept the data packet that is traversing over the selected active interface present in the selected site. You can view the source and destination details.

    Packet capture

    The Help option provides more detail on the Filter Options.

  • Bandwidth Test – You can run a bandwidth test on a specific path of a site to view the maximum, minimum and average bandwidth usage. Enter the source site, destination site, and select the path. Click Run.

    Bandwidth test

  • iPerf – You can run an iPerf test on a specific path of a site. The iPerf diagnostic tool is used to generate test traffic which allows you to troubleshoot network issues that might result in:

    • Frequent change in path state from Good to Bad
    • Poor application performance
    • Higher packet loss

    To run an iPerf diagnostic test, from the customer level, navigate to Troubleshooting > Diagnostics and select the iPerf check box. Enter the transport protocol, time interval, port number, server, bandwidth measurement mode, path to test, server iPerf options, and click Run.



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