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Release Notes for SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises 13.2.1 Release

This release notes document describes the enhancements and changes, fixed and known issues that exist for the Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises release Build 13.2.1.


This release notes document does not include security related fixes. For a list of security related fixes and advisories, see the Citrix security bulletin.

Fixed Issues

The issues that are addressed in Build 13.2.1.

Platform and systems

Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises sends TCP synchronization packets to the AWS endpoint.

[ SDW-23477 ]

Known Issues

The issues that exist in release 13.2.1.


Some sites are unable to connect to the Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises UI.

Workaround: Use a different subnet other than the 172.17.x.x subnet.

[ SDWANHELP-2601 ]

In some scenarios, after deploying Cloud Direct for the sites and pushing the configurations (Staging and activation), the Cloud Direct service does not come up.

Workaround: Enable Cloud Direct service manually for each site.

[ SDW-22493 ]

The software version previously selected on the Deployment > Settings > Partial Site Upgrade > Software Version page of the UI is not being retained when the users come back to this page.

Workaround: Select the partial site upgrade software version manually for each site by navigating to Deployment > Select Sites.

[ SDW-22374 ]

Sometimes, the UI displays an error after a configuration of management interface settings is performed. However, the configuration is successful and a refresh is required for the updated settings to appear on the UI.

[ SDW-22139 ]

In a provider managed setup, the announcements added by the provider administrators are not getting displayed to customers at their login.

[ SDW-18491 ]

Platform and systems

The UI of one of the Citrix SD-WAN appliances is not accessible because the network statistics provider is reusing a session and this caused the HTTPD process to behave improperly (in rare cases).

[ SDW-23392 ]

On the Citrix SD-WAN 210 appliance, if you remove the SE add-on license, the services get disabled.

Workaround: Before removing an SE add-on license (or) moving from an AE to an SE license, remove the firewall policies that have the security profile, configure the appliance as out-of-band management (If In-band management is configured) and then proceed with the stage and activation process to convert the appliance to standard edition.

[ SDW-18031 ]

Release Notes for SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises 13.2.1 Release