Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

Site dashboard

The Site Dashboard provides an overview of a site’s health and usage trends.

The dashboard summarizes the following aspects of a site, with a provision to drill down for more details.

  • Critical Alerts: Running count of the critical health alerts, if any, popping up on the site.
  • Uptime: Side-by-side comparison of the average uptime offered by the SD-WAN virtual overlay paths v/s the physical underlay paths, associated with a site
  • Usage Trends: Top Apps and App Categories associated with a site, based on traffic volume
  • Site Details: WAN Connections, and Devices associated with a site

Site dashboard


Click See All or See Details to view statistics that are more detailed.

All the overlay virtual path connections associated with a site are displayed with suitable color-coding to reflect the health of each connection.

You can select any virtual path connection, to review the corresponding health metrics and trends.

The color-coding criteria used for virtual path connections are:

  • Critical (Red): Virtual path is DOWN.
  • Warning (Orange): Virtual path is UP, but at least one member path is DOWN.
  • Normal (Green): Virtual path and all member paths are UP.

Health metrics

Health metrics and graphical trends around availability, latency, loss, jitter, and throughput are displayed for the selected virtual path connection. These statistics are available in both the directions: WAN to LAN and LAN to WAN. All the metrics can be reviewed against a common timeline, to help quickly narrow down the problem domain while troubleshooting.

Site dashboard health metrics

You can further drill down into each health metric to get a comparative view of the overlay virtual path and the underlay member paths for the same metric. This would aid in troubleshooting overlay versus underlay issues.

Member path health data


The Devices tab displays details associated with the site’s devices, interfaces, and disk temperature. You can also reboot the appliance, reset the appliance configuration or download device logs.

The Temperature section displays the temperature of the system, CPU, and the disks in degree Celsius.

Site device

You can also click the graph icon in the Temperature (C) column and view the information in graphical form.

Temperature graphical view

Site dashboard