Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

Known issues

Sep 29, 2022

Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator service has the following known issues:

Platform and systems

In the Citrix SD-WAN 210 appliance, if you remove the Standard Edition (SE) add-on license, the services get disabled.

Workaround: Before removing the SE add-on license (or) moving from AE to SE license, remove the firewall policies that have the security profile, configure the appliance as out-of-band management (If In-band management is configured) and then proceed with the stage and activation process to convert the appliance to standard edition.

[ SDW-18031 ]


When the pooled license’s low bandwidth quota is over, the device does not consume any licenses and remains in grace license mode.

Workaround: Add more licenses into pooled licenses and then change the bandwidth in the site configuration to trigger allocation of the pooled licenses. Or, you can change the bandwidth to a higher bandwidth in the site configuration if it is available in pooled licenses.

[ SDW-22730 ]

Currently, there is no indication to the user that the device remains in grace license mode when there are no more licenses to be allocated from pooled licenses while saving the device serial number.

Workaround: Add more licenses into the pooled license and then change the bandwidth in the site configuration to trigger allocation of the pooled licenses.

[ SDW-22709, SDW-15001]

Customer with a Secure Internet Access (SIA) entitlement while onboarding to Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator service, is being onboarded to a different PoP. Whereas the other way, with the customer having SD-WAN entitlement and onboarding to SIA works fine.

[ SDW-22672 ]

Appliance configuration activation fails when the appliance device model is set to Advanced Edition (AE).

[ SDW-19067, SDW-15001 ]

Platform and systems

The GUI of one of the Citrix SD-WAN appliances is not accessible because the network statistics provider is reusing a session and this caused the HTTPD process to behave improperly (in rare cases).

[ SDW-23392 ]

Configuration and Management

On the Realtime VRRP Site reports page of the Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator service UI, the Enable and Disable operations are not working.

[ SDW-24066 ]

The Applications and Application categories graphs are empty on the Reports > Usage > Applications page of the Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator service UI.

[ SDW-23817 ]

A mismatch is observed between the agent and appliance scripts while fetching IGMP statistics.

[ SDW-23757 ]

The Restore previous version operation fails with the Activation Failed(ER101) error message for the sites in PSU when the partial site upgrade list is modified and a change management (stage and activate) is performed on a network.

  • Workaround: Perform another round of change management before applying the restore previous version action.

[ SDW-23227 ]

Customer is not able to send push notification to their own HTTP Server.

[ SDW-23134 ]

If a site is added to the configuration before performing staging and activation, enabling HA on the site post activation with a new serial number for the secondary appliance triggers auto-deployment of the newly added appliance. The staging fails with the error Staging Failed (Failed to download script files).

Workaround: After enabling HA, do a full network stage and activate to deploy the HA appliance.

[ SDW-22567 ]

The WAN-OP Settings > SSL Profiles > Add section of the UI fails to display the list of newly created WAN optimization rules in the Service classes drop-down list.

Workaround: Create an SSL profile without specifying service classes, and then edit the same profile. The list of WAN optimization rules is displayed.

[ SDW-21734 ]

A change in the SSL inspection root Certificate Authority (CA) and the key will not be propagated to the SD-WAN appliance, unless another edge security-related setting is also changed. This results in the SSL inspection being performed with the previous root CA.

Workaround: Change another setting related to edge security, then stage and activate it. This triggers the download and application of the root CA and key.

[ SDW-16050 ]

The static virtual paths that are formed between a transit node and the branch sites are not getting deleted when the transit node configuration is removed.

Workaround: Delete the static virtual paths manually when the transit node configuration is removed.

[ SDW-16045 ]

Scheduling Information of the appliance in Change Management Settings might display outdated data, when the appliance reconnects to the Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator service after a factory reset.

Workaround: In the Change Management settings, select the desired scheduled window and apply it. The appliance is updated and the data between the appliance and the Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator service is synchronized.

[ SDW-15169 ]

Creating the transit nodes for the branches does not form virtual paths.

Workaround: Create the static virtual paths manually between the transit site and the branch nodes.

[ SDW-10104 ]

Known issues