Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

Bandwidth allocation

From the customer level, navigate to Configuration > Delivery Channels > Bandwidth Allocation. You can view an internet service is created by default. The branch traffic uses the transit sites to reach the internet. This section allows you to define new delivery services and default bandwidth allocation proportion (%) across all the delivery services. The bandwidth allocation needs across delivery services might vary based on the type of link involved.

For example, if you are using multiple SaaS applications, allocate a large proportion of bandwidth on your internet links for Internet service for direct internet breakout. On your MPLS links, allocate more bandwidth for Virtual path service or Intranet Service depending on whether your SD-WAN sites have most of the traffic going to other SD-WAN sites or non-SD-WAN sites.

Based on your requirements, you can define global bandwidth share defaults across delivery services for each link type – Internet links, MPLS links, and Private Intranet links.

Service config bandwidth details

The default values can be overridden on individual links. While configuring WAN links, you can choose to use these global defaults or configure link specific service bandwidth settings. Configuration of a non-zero bandwidth share is required for any delivery service to be enabled and active on a link.

Bandwidth allocation

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