Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator


This section enables you to configure DNS and DHCP settings.

DNS servers

You can configure specific DNS servers to which the DNS requests are routed.

Enter a name for the DNS server and choose Type as Static (for IPv4 addresses) or StaticV6 (for IPv6 addresses). Specify the Primary and Secondary DNS server IP addresses. You can create an internal, ISP, google or any other open source DNS service.

DNS server

Click Verify Config to validate any audit error.

You can also configure DNS server settings for a site. Select a site from the Select Site drop-down list and click Go. This takes you to the site level DNS server settings page.

DNS server site selection


You can configure dynamic host control protocol (DHCP) settings for a site by selecting the required site from the drop-down list and clicking GO. This takes you to the site level DHCP configuration page. For detailed information on configuring DHCP, see DHCP.

DHCP settings