Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator

Site troubleshooting

Device logs

Logs are useful to troubleshoot issues. The site administrator can view a list of all the logs that are captured across all the devices at the site. You can also download logs for further verification.

Device logs

Show Tech Support Bundle

The Show Tech Support (STS) Bundle contains important real-time system information such as access logs, diagnostics logs, firewall logs. The STS bundle is used to troubleshoot issues in the SD-WAN appliances. You can create, download the STS bundle, and share it with Citrix Support Representatives.

If a site is configured in HA deployment mode, you can select the active or standby appliance for which to create or download the STS bundle.

To create an STS bundle for a site appliance, at the site level, navigate to Troubleshooting > STS bundle and click Create New.

STS bundle

Provide a name for the STS bundle. The name must begin with a letter and can contain letters, numbers, dashes, and under-scores. The maximum allowed length of the name is 32 characters. The user provided name is used as a prefix in the final name. To ensure that the file names are unique (timestamp) and to help recognize the device from the STS package (serial number), the service generates a full name. If no name is provided, a name is auto-generated while creating the bundle.

You can request for a new STS only when the device is online and no STS process is currently running on the appliance. You can download an already available STS from the Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator service even if the device is offline.

Create STS bundle

At any given time, the STS process is in one of the following states:

STS Status Description
Requested A new STS bundle is requested. The request takes a few minutes to get processed. You can choose to cancel the STS creation process, if necessary.
Uploading The created STS package is uploaded to the cloud service. The duration depends on the size of the package. The status is updated every 5 seconds. You cannot cancel the STS upload process.
Failure The STS process has failed during creation or upload. You can delete the entries of failed STS operations.
Available for download The STS creation and upload process are successful. You can now download or delete the STS packages.

Once the STS process starts on the appliance, the progress is updated under the status column at regular intervals. For example, Requested (Collecting log files).

The STS bundles and failure records are maintained for 7 days, post which they are auto-deleted.

Site troubleshooting