Citrix SD-WAN

Release Notes

This release note describes known issues, and fixed issues applicable to Citrix SD-WAN software release 10.2 version 1 for the SD-WAN Standard Edition, WANOP, Premium Edition appliances, and SD-WAN Center.

For information about the previous release versions, see the Citrix SD-WAN documentation.

What’s new

The Citrix SD-WAN release version 10.2.1 introduces the following enhancements. See for more information.

Fixed issues

SDWANHELP-682: The Site location field is not saved, while creating a site using basic configuration editor.

SDWANHELP-671: The licensing log files consume large amount of disk space while using remote licensing server.

SDWANHELP-650: Configuration process such as adding, editing, cloning a site, or performing audit, makes the MCN GUI unresponsive.

SDWANHELP-649: Excessive virtual path packet retransmissions might be experienced with low bandwidth utilization, high loss or congestion, and less than 20 ms RTT.

SDWANHELP-627: Unable to store OSPF cost value greater than 255 when redistributing routes from SD-WAN to OSPF router.

SDWANHELP-626: Unable to access Citrix SD-WAN Center due to memory outage.

SDWANHELP-605: Citrix SD-WAN appliance crashes during configuration change management process.

SDWANHELP-594: Virtual paths are marked as DEAD for all the sites when corrupted control packet is processed. If the control packet is malformed it is dropped and paths becomes inactive.

SDWANHELP-590: Citrix SD-WAN Center security enhancements.

SDWANHELP-684: The Citrix SD-WAN appliance becomes unresponsive upon modifying existing import filters that induces changes in route properties.

NSSDW-15962: Citrix SD-WAN WANOP plug-in crashes when installed with Citrix Workspace plug-in.

NSSDW-15741:A configuration error is not triggered on RCN when site loses connectivity with MCN and its branches after configuration update.

NSSDW-15519: SD-WAN Center fails to discover regions for an MCN with high availability enabled. Switch back the primary MCN to active to resolve this issue.

Known issues

NSSDW-14883: The PPPoE sessions are re-established when activating an interface configuration change on a site. If only PPPoE links exist in the virtual path on that site, it becomes inactive for a brief period until new session is established.

NSSDW-5182: When converting a single region network to multi-region network, during adding regions and associate existing site to the newly created region, the error message “One Site must have appliance Mode set to primary MCN” appears. Workaround: Create virtual paths manually between MCN and all the RCNs.

NSSDW- 13227: SD-WAN VPXL VM does not boot on XenServer 7.5 Hypervisor. This is because the VM uses multi-queue NICs and it runs out of grant references. You can resolve this issue by using the following options:

  • Increase the grant references given to the guest.
  • Decrease the number of queues used by the guest. Add the following to the guest’s kernel command-line: xen_netfront.max_queues=1.

SDWANHELP-656: When the SD-WAN 4000/5000 WANOP appliance is configured for WCCP, the NetScaler ADC “Configure Modes” is incorrect. The correct setting in ns.conf should be “enable ns mode FR L3 USIP MBF Edge USNIP PMTUD”.

SDWANHELP-520: In rare instances, the SD-WAN appliance crashes due to invalid memory reference. The health monitoring process restarts the failed process automatically.

Release Notes