Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator for On-premises 14.3

Provider Troubleshooting

The Provider audit logs page displays provider-level logs and device logs, enabling quick troubleshooting.

Audit logs

Audit logs capture the action, time, and result of the action performed by the providers. Navigate to Troubleshooting > Audit Logs to view the Provider Troubleshooting: Audit Logs page.

The Provider Audit logs page displays the following information:

  • Search bar: Search for an audit activity based on a keyword.
  • Filtering options: Run an audit log search by filtering based on the following criteria:
    • User
    • Feature
    • Time range
  • Export as CSV: When you click this option, the audit log entries are exported to a CSV file.
  • Audit Info: Select the icon on the Action column to navigate to the Audit Info section. This section provides the following information:
    • Method: HTTP request method of the invoked API.
    • Status: Result of the API request.
    • Payload: Body of the request sent through API.
    • Response: Error response when the API request fails. This field is displayed only when the API request fails.
    • URL: HTTP URL of the revoked API.
    • Source IP: The IP address of the endpoint from which the feature was configured. This field is displayed on the Audit logs page and the Audit Info page.

      Provider audit info

  • Log payloads: By default, this option is disabled. When enabled, the request body of the API message is displayed in the Audit Info section. For more information about API, refer to API guide for Citrix SD-WAN Orchestrator.

    Provider audit logs

Provider Troubleshooting