Citrix SD-WAN

WAN optimization

The Citrix SD-WAN WANOP appliance optimizes WAN links, ensuring maximum responsiveness and throughput. The Citrix SD-WAN WANOP appliances work in pairs, one at each end of a link, to accelerate traffic over the link. The following are some of the features of Citrix SD-WAN WANOP:

  • Compression, including cross-session tokenized compression

  • TCP protocol acceleration

  • Traffic management

  • Application acceleration

  • Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops (HDX) acceleration and compression offload

  • Decryption of HDX traffic secured by SSL/TLS

  • Monitoring and management

For information about Citrix SD-WAN WANOP 10.2 installation, deployment, and feature configuration, please refer to the Citrix SD-WAN WANOP documentation. The features and procedures for the Citrix SD-WAN WANOP 10.2 are similar to the procedures documented in the Citrix SD-WAN WANOP release.

You can enable and configure WAN optimization feature on your Citrix SD-WAN Premium Edition. For more information, see Citrix SD-WAN Premium Edition.

You can achieve network acceleration on any remote Windows laptops or workstations using the WANOP Client Plug-in software. For more information, see WANOP Client Plug-in.

WAN optimization