Use case: Deployment of domain name based autoscale service group


For information about the GSLB service groups, see Configuring a GSLB Service Group

Deployment scenario

Two datacenters are deployed in two AWS regions, one in Sydney and one in North Virginia. Another datacenter is deployed in Azure. An AWS ELB in each AWS region is used to load balance the application servers. ALB is used for Azure to load balancing the application server. The Citrix ADC appliances are configured for GSLB for the ELBs and ALB using GSLB domain name based autoscale service group.


You must configure the required security groups in AWS and attach it to the GSLB instance. Port 53 must be allowed in the security group inbound and outbound rules. Also, ports (3009 or 3011 depending on secure MEP configuration) for MEP communication must be open. For application monitoring, the corresponding ports must be allowed in the security group outbound rules.

The configuration steps for the above deployment scenario and the corresponding CLI commands are as follows:

1.    Create datacenters (represented by GSLB sites).

add gslb site aws-sydney

add gslb site aws-nvirginia

add gslb site alb-southindia

2.    Add a name server with the DNS gateway IP address where the GSLB node is added. This must be done in all datacenters.

add dns nameServer

3.     Add servers for ELB and ALB.

add server aws-sydney_server

add server aws-nvirginia_server

add server alb-southindia_server

4.    Add GSLB autoscale service groups for each ELB and ALB and bind each server to the respective service group.

add gslb serviceGroup aws-nvirginia_sg HTTP -autoScale DNS -siteName aws-nvirginia

add gslb serviceGroup aws-sydney_sg HTTP  -autoScale DNS -siteName aws-sydney

add gslb serviceGroup alb-southindia_sg HTTP  -autoScale DNS -siteName alb-southindia

bind gslb serviceGroup aws-nvirginia_sg aws-nvirginia_server 80

bind gslb serviceGroup aws-sydney_sg aws-sydney_server 80

bind gslb serviceGroup alb-southindia_sg alb-southindia_server 80

5.   Add a GSLB virtual server and bind the application domain and the service groups to this virtual server.

add gslb vserver gv1 HTTP

bind gslb vserver gv1 -serviceGroupName aws-nvirginia_sg

bind gslb vserver gv1 -serviceGroupName aws-sydney_sg

bind gslb vserver gv1 -serviceGroupName alb-southindia_sg
Use case: Deployment of domain name based autoscale service group