Upgrade recommendations for GSLB deployment

This section provides recommendations on the sequence in which GSLB nodes need to be upgraded in various GSLB setups. It also addresses a few FAQs.

Note: The Citrix ADC appliance from which the GSLB synchronization is started is referred to as the ‘main site’ and the GSLB sites on which the configuration is copied as the ‘subordinate sites’.

Before you start the upgrade process, read the prerequisites mentioned in the following topics:

Points to note when upgrading GSLB setups

  • In an HA setup, first upgrade the subordinate sites and then the main site.

  • In an HA setup, service states might not propagate from an older build primary node to a newer build secondary node. However, if the builds are of different versions, but have the same HA version, the service state might still propagate.

  • If GSLB is configured within a cluster, first upgrade the non-owner nodes, and then upgrade the owner node. If there is one site or multiple sites in a cluster, follow the same upgrade sequence in each of the site.

  • Enable new GSLB features only after you upgrade all nodes to a newer build.

  • Upgrade all GSLB nodes to the latest build. There is no functional impact on the available features when some of the GSLB nodes are using an older version and some of the GSLB nodes are upgraded to a newer version.


  • Are GSLB service states propagated when instances run different software versions?

    GSLB MEP is functional when instances run on different versions and GSLB service states are propagated across GSLB sites. There is no impact on the MEP communication when instances run different versions after an upgrade.

  • Is it recommended to do configuration changes during an upgrade?

    In a GSLB setup, when a main site is being upgraded, it is not recommended to do configuration changes on any other GSLB nodes.

The following resources provide information about upgrading a Citrix ADC instance using Citrix ADM:

Upgrade recommendations for GSLB deployment