XML broker service monitoring

The Citrix ADC appliance has a built-in monitor type, CITRIX-XML-SERVICE, with which you can create monitors to monitor the XML Broker services. The XML Broker services are used by Citrix Virtual Apps. The monitor opens a connection to the service and periodically probes the XML services to which it is bound. If the server responds as expected within the configured time period, the monitor marks the service UP. If the service does not respond, or responds incorrectly, the monitor marks the service DOWN.

To configure a CITRIX-XML-SERVICE monitor, you need to specify the application name in addition to setting the standard parameters. The application name is the name of the application that has to be run to monitor the state of the XML Broker service. The default application is Notepad.

To configure monitors for XML Broker services, see “Configuring Monitors in a Load Balancing Setup.”


The parameter “Application Name” for Citrix-XML-Service monitor is invalid for XA and XD versions 7 and later. It is recommended not to use this parameter in XA/XD 7. In case you configure this parameter, this parameter is not used internally. The probing criteria is different starting XA/XD 7. However, you can use the “Application Name” parameters in versions earlier to XA/XD 7.

XML broker service monitoring