Translate the IP address of a domain-based server

To simplify maintenance on the Citrix ADC appliance and on the domain-based servers that are connected to it, you can configure IP address masks and translation IP addresses. These functions work together to parse incoming DNS packets and substitute a new IP address for a DNS-resolved IP address.

When configured for a domain-based server, IP address translation enables the appliance to locate an alternate server IP address in the event that you take the server down for maintenance or if you make any other infrastructure changes that affect the server.

When configuring the mask, you must use standard IP mask values (a power of two, minus one) and zeros, for example, Non-zero values are only permitted in the starting octets.

When you configure a translation IP for a server, you create a 1:1 correspondence between a server IP address and an alternate server that shares leading or trailing octets in its IP address. The mask blocks particular octets in the original server’s IP address. The DNS-resolved IP address is transformed to a new IP address by applying the translation IP address and the translation mask.

For example, you can configure a translation IP address of and a translation mask of If a DNS-resolved IP address for a server is, this address is transformed to In this case, the translation IP address supplies the first two octets of the new address, and the mask passes through the last two octets from the original IP address. The reference to the original IP address, as resolved by DNS, is lost. Monitors for all services to which the server is bound also report on the transformed IP address.

When configuring a translation IP address for a domain-based server, you specify a mask and an IP address to which the DNS-resolved IP address is to be translated.

Note: Translation of the IP address is only possible for domain-based servers. You cannot use this feature for IP-based servers. The address pattern can be based on IPv4 addresses only.

To configure a translation IP address for a server by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

add server <name>@ <serverDomainName> -translationIp <translationIPAddress> -translationMask <netMask> -state <ENABLED|DISABLED>


add server myMaskedServer -translationIp -translationMask -state ENABLED

To configure a translation IP address for a server by using the configuration utility

Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Servers, create a domain-based server, and specify a translation IP address.

Translate the IP address of a domain-based server