The following topics cover configuration and installation information for Citrix ADC security features. Most of these features are policy based.

Authentication, Authorization, Auditing (AAA) Keeps unauthorized users out of the network, denies users access to tasks for which they are not authorized, and tracks the resources used during user sessions.
Application Firewall Prevents security breaches, data loss, and possible unauthorized modifications to web sites that access sensitive business or customer information.
Content Filtering Blocks inappropriate HTML requests, preventing the requests from reaching the Web servers.
HTTP Denial-of-Service Protection Prevents hackers from attacking your Web site with large numbers of HTTP requests.
Priority Queuing Detects high-priority connections and allows those connections to proceed ahead of other connections, guaranteeing unimpeded access to those users.
SureConnect Services all incoming connections with either the requested content or a custom Web page that displays information about a delay in the request being serviced.
Surge Protection Detects any rapid rise in connection attempts and adjusts the rate at which connections are allowed to proceed to the server, preventing server overload.