Enable compression

The Citrix ADC appliance provides a compression option to transparently compress HTML and text files by using a set of built-in compression policies. Compression reduces bandwidth requirements and can significantly improve server responsiveness in bandwidth-constrained setups. The compression policies are associated with services bound to the virtual server. The policies determine whether a response can be compressed and send compressible content to the appliance, which compresses it and sends it to the client.

Note: For compression to function correctly, you must enable it globally. For more information about configuring compression globally, see Compression.

To enable compression on a service by using the CLI

At the command prompt, type:

set service <name> -CMP <YES | NO>


set service Service-HTTP-1 -CMP YES

To enable compression on a service by using the GUI

  1. Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Services, and open a service.
  2. In Advanced Settings, select Traffic Settings, and select Compression.
Enable compression