Manage services

Services are enabled by default when you create them. You can disable or enable each service individually. When disabling a service, you normally specify a wait time during which the service continues to handle established connections, but rejects new ones, before shutting down. If you do not specify a wait time, the service shuts down immediately. During the wait time, the service’s state is OUT OF SERVICE.

You can remove a service when it is no longer used. When you remove a service, it is unbound from its virtual server and deleted from the Citrix ADC configuration.

To enable or disable a service by using the command line interface

At the command prompt, type:

enable service <name>  

disable service <name> <DelayInSeconds>  


enable service Service-HTTP-1
disable service Service-HTTP-1 30

To enable or disable a service by using the configuration utility

  1. Navigate to Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Services.
  2. Open a service and, in the Action list, select Enable or Disable.
Manage services