Application Delivery Management

Use GUI attributes in a custom StyleBook

You can add GUI attributes in the parameters section of your StyleBook to make the fields intuitive when displayed on Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM).

Example. You can add a descriptive name for the parameter by using the label attribute, and add a tooltip for this parameter by using the description attribute.

name: ip
label: Virtual Server IP Address
description: IP address of the virtual server that represents the load balanced application.
type: ipaddress
required: true

Example. If you have a parameter of type object, you can define the layout by using the gui attribute. In this example, the layout is a collapsible object where fields are displayed in two columns.

name: svcg-advanced
label: Advanced Application Server Settings
type: object
required: false
 collapse_pane: true
 columns: 2

Example. You can also display a summary view of a parameter of type object[] (list of objects) as a table with the inner parameters representing the columns. To include or exclude an inner parameter from the summary view, you can use the summary_display attribute in the gui section as follows:

name: settings
label: Settings
type: object[]
    name: name
    label: Name
    description: Name of this setting
    type: string
      summary_display: true

Example. Some StyleBooks on Citrix ADM are used only as building blocks for other StyleBooks. And, you might not want users to create configurations directly from these StyleBooks. Because these StyleBooks are to be used as part of other StyleBooks. Mark the StyleBook as private to ensure the StyleBook is not being used directly to create configurations in the Citrix ADM GUI.

name: basic-lb-config
description: This stylebook defines a simple load balancing configuration.
display-name: Load Balancing Configuration
namespace: com.example.stylebooks
private: true
schema-version: "1.0"
version: "0.1"
Use GUI attributes in a custom StyleBook