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Poll SSL certificates from NetScaler instances

NetScaler Console automatically polls SSL certificates once every 24 hours by using NITRO calls and the Secure Copy (SCP) protocol. You can also manually poll the SSL certificates to discover newly added SSL certificates on the Citrix NetScaler instances. Polling all the NetScaler instances SSL certificates places a heavy load on the network.

Instead of polling all the NetScaler instances SSL certificates, you can manually poll only the SSL certificates of a selected instance or instances.

To poll SSL certificates on NetScaler instances:

  1. In NetScaler Console, navigate to Infrastructure > SSL Dashboard.

  2. On SSL Dashboard page, in the top right-hand corner, click Poll Now.

    Poll SSL certificates

  3. The Poll Now page pops up, giving you the option to poll all NetScaler instances in the network or to poll the selected instances.

    1. To poll the SSL certificates of all the NetScaler instances, select the All Instances tab and click Start Polling.

      Start polling

    2. To poll specific instances, select the Select Instances tab, select the instances from the list, and click Poll Now.

      Poll specific instances

Poll SSL certificates from NetScaler instances

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