Application Delivery Management

Flexed license dashboard

The Flexed license dashboard gives you a comprehensive view of the bandwidth capacity and instances purchased by you.

Bandwidth capacity across editions and instance details for different form factors, such as MPX, VPX, and SDX are displayed on this page. NetScaler MPX and NetScaler MPX FIPS have the same license file. Similarly, NetScaler SDX and NetScaler SDX FIPS have the same license file. However, NetScaler VPX FIPS has a different file from NetScaler VPX and is displayed separately. Also, NetScaler VPX (including VPX on SDX), NetScaler BLX, and NetScaler CPX require NetScaler VPX licenses and are part of the entitlement and allocation for VPX. A Flexed license supports only the premium edition. However, if you bought Flexed licenses, and had Pooled Standard or Advanced bandwidth capacity earlier, the details related to bandwidth capacity (Standard or Advanced) are also listed in the Flexed license dashboard.

VPX (including VPX on SDX), BLX, and CPX form factors require NetScaler Flexed VPX SW Instance license file. That is, these form factors are a part of the entitlement and allocation for Flexed VPX SW Instance licenses.

Details about your licensed NetScaler instances are available in the Licensed NetScalers section. You can select an instance and edit the bandwidth or release the license on that instance.

You can filter the results based on the following parameters:

  • Filter by Bandwidth
    • Premium
    • Advanced
    • Standard
  • Form Factor
    • NetScaler MPX
    • NetScaler VPX
    • NetScaler SDX
  • License status
    • Connection lost
    • Grace
    • Allocated

Edit the allocated bandwidth on a NetScaler instance

  1. Navigate to NetScaler Licensing > Flexed Licensing > Dashboard.
  2. In the Licensed NetScalers section, select an instance and click Edit Bandwidth.
  3. In the Edit Bandwidth page, enter a number in the Allocate column.
  4. Click Submit.

Release licenses on a NetScaler instance

To transfer licenses to another instance, you must release the license on the current instance and then apply the license to the new instance. Selecting Release License does the following:

  • Releases all the licenses, which are checked out on that instance, to the license server.
  • Deletes the license server configuration on that instance.

If you select Yes, your NetScaler instance becomes unlicensed and cannot process any traffic.

Flexed license dashboard