Application Delivery Management

Add TACACS authentication server

  1. Navigate to Settings > Authentication.

  2. Select the TACACS tab and then click Add.

  3. On the Create TACACS page, specify the following parameters:

    1. Name – Specify a TACACS server name

    2. IP address – Specify the TACACS IP address

    3. Port – Specify the port number on which the TACACS server is hosted. The default port is 49

    4. Time-out (seconds) – Time in seconds for which the NetScaler Console system waits for a response from the LDAP server

    5. TACACS Key – Specify the TACACS key for authentication

    6. Confirm TACACS Key – Specify the TACACS key again for confirmation

    7. Group Attribute Name – Specify the group name

      Select Accounting if you want the appliance to log audit information with TACACS server.

  4. Click Create.


  5. Enable the external authentication servers.

    For more information about enabling external authentication servers, see Enable external authentication servers and fallback options.

Add TACACS authentication server

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