Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

Solid-State Drive

A solid-state drive (SSD) is a high-performance device that stores data in solid-state flash memory.

Replace solid-state drive

The SD-WAN 4000/5000 software is stored on the solid-state drive (SSD).

For Citrix SD-WAN 410 appliance, the on-board SATA disk controller must support at least two devices. Support for SATAv3 (6 Gbps) is available.

To replace a solid-state drive

  1. Shut down the appliance.
  2. Locate the SSD on the back panel of the appliance. Push the safety latch of the drive cover to the right or down, depending on the platform, while pulling out on the drive handle to disengage. Pull out the faulty drive. Figure 1. Removing the Existing Solid-State Drive localized image
  3. Verify that the replacement SSD is the correct type for the platform.
  4. Pick up the new SSD, open the drive handle fully to the left or up, and insert the drive into the slot as far as possible. To seat the drive, close the handle flush with the rear of the appliance so that the drive locks securely into the slot. Important: When you insert the drive, make sure that the Citrix product label is at the top if the drive is inserted horizontally or at the right if the drive is inserted vertically.

    Figure 2. Inserting the Replacement Solid-State Drive localized image

  5. Turn on the appliance.
  6. Log on to the default IP address by using a web browser, or connect to the serial console by using a console cable, to perform the initial configuration.
Solid-State Drive