Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

XenServer 6.5 Upgrade for SD-WAN Standard Edition Appliances


To upgrade to XenServer version 6.5, the appliances must be running SD-WAN software release 9.0.x or later. Note

Do not attempt upgrading, if the appliance is running on software version lower than release 9.0.x to prevent upgrade issues.

How to upgrade to XenServer 6.5

To upgrade to XenServer 6.5 on SD-WAN Standard Edition appliances, ensure that the appliance is running software release version 9.0.x or later. If the appliances are running older software release version, upgrade to the latest software release version first.

  1. Upgrade SD-WAN Standard Edition software through the change management procedure.
    1. In SD-WAN SE GUI, go to Configuration > System Maintenance > Update Software. Download the cb-vw-<Platform_Model>-<Build_No>.tar.gz file. Then, download ns-sdw-vw-<Build_No>.upg file to update operating system software. localized image
    2. Follow the Single-Step Upgrade work flow to upgrade SD-WAN software.
  2. Perform steps a or b as outlined in step 1 before upgrading to Citrix XenServer 6.5.
  3. Navigate to Update Software in the SD-WAN GUI.
  4. Upload Citrix XenServer6.5 bundle which has been download from download server to Update Operating System Software by selecting the downloaded file location. localized image
  5. Click Upload and Upgrade. Wait for approximately 20 mins for the upgrade to complete. The appliance restarts after the upgrade is successfully completed.
XenServer 6.5 Upgrade for SD-WAN Standard Edition Appliances