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Connecting to the SD-WAN VPX and Testing the Deployment

The next step is to connect to the new SD-WAN VPX-SE Virtual Appliance, to confirm that the deployment was successful.

To test the deployment, do the following:

  1. On a connected PC, open a browser and enter the Management IP Address for the SD-WAN VPX-SE Virtual Appliance. You can use any PC connected to your network (for example, the local PC you used to deploy the SD-WAN VPX-SE Virtual Machine in the vSphere Client). If you have successfully assigned the Management IP Address for the SD-WAN VPX-SE, the Management Web Interface Login page displays. localized image
  2. Enter the Administrator user name and password, and click Login.
    • Default Administrator user name: admin
    • Default Administrator password: password


It is recommended that you change the default password as soon as possible. Be sure to record the password in a secure location, as password recovery might require a configuration reset.

After you have logged into the Management Web Interface, the Dashboard page displays.

localized image

The first time you log into the Management Web Interface on an appliance, the Dashboard displays an Alert icon (goldenrod delta) and alert message indicating that the Virtual WAN Service is disabled, and the license has not been installed. For now, you can ignore this alert. The alert will be resolved automatically after you have installed the license, and completed the configuration and deployment process for the appliance.

You have now completed the initial installation and deployment of the SD-WAN VPX-SE Virtual Appliance. However, there are some remaining steps to complete the set-up process for the Virtual Appliance before adding it to your SD-WAN network. For instructions on completing the next step, please proceed to the section, Initial setup.

Connecting to the SD-WAN VPX and Testing the Deployment

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