Citrix SD-WAN Platforms


This section provides instructions for installing the SD-WAN VPX OVF template and creating the SD-WAN VPX Virtual Machine.

  1. If you have not already done so, download the SD-WAN VPX OVF template file (.ova file) to the local PC. Download or copy the SD-WAN VPX OVF template to the local PC you are using to connect to the ESXi server that will host your SD-WAN VPX. The OVF template file has a file name using the following naming convention: cb-vw-vpx-version_number-vmware.ova, where:
    • version_number is the SD-WAN VPX release version number.
    • .ova is the file name suffix indicating that this is an OVF template file.


      For additional information, see Downloading the Software Packages.

  2. Continuing in the vSphere Client, click File and then select Deploy OVF Template… from the drop-down menu. This displays the first page of the Deploy OVF Template wizard, the Source page. localized image
  3. Select the CB VPX-VW OVF template (.ova file) you want to install. Browse to the location of the .ova file you downloaded earlier to the local PC, and select it.
  4. Click Next. This imports the selected .ova file and displays the OVF Template Details page. localized image
  5. This page displays some basic information regarding the OVF template you imported.
  6. Click Next. This proceeds to the End User License Agreement page. localized image
  7. Click Accept, and then click Next. This proceeds to the Name and Location page. localized image
  8. Enter a unique name for the new VM (or accept the default). The name must be unique within the current Inventory folder, and can be up to 80 characters in length.
  9. Click Next. This displays the Disk Format page. The SD-WAN VPX-VW Virtual Machine requires 39.1 GB of disk space. localized image
  10. Accept the default settings, and click Next. This proceeds to the Network Mapping page. localized image
  11. Accept the default (VM Network) and click Next. This proceeds to the Ready to Complete page. localized image
  12. Click Finish to create the VM.


    Decompressing the disk image onto the server could take several minutes.

    This displays the Deploying Citrix SD-WAN VPX status dialog box. localized image Depending on the conditions present on your server, the deployment can take from several minutes to a few hours to complete. When the SD-WAN VPX Virtual Machine has been successfully created, a success message displays. localized image

  13. Click Close. This closes the Deploy OVF Template wizard and returns to the vSphere Client main window. If this is the first VM you have created using this vSphere Client, the vSphere Client Home page displays. If you have previously created one or more VMs, the Inventory page displays.

The next step is to configure the SD-WAN VPX Management IP Address. The following section provides instructions for this procedure.


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