Citrix SD-WAN Platforms

VPX Standard Edition on ESXi

This chapter provides step-by-step instructions for installing, configuring, and deploying the SD-WAN VPX-SE. This includes basic instructions for installing the VMware vSphere Client, which you use to create and deploy the SD-WAN VPX-SE Virtual Machine.


VMware vSphere Client operation details might change with new releases of the vSphere software. For the most complete and current vSphere Client installation and operation instructions, please refer to your VMware documentation. The instructions in this chapter are intended to provide the most basic and essential guidelines, only, for installing an SD-WAN VPX-SE Virtual Machine on the ESXi platform.

The following summarizes the top-level steps for installing and deploying an SD-WAN VPX-SE. Perform these procedures in the exact order listed.

  1. Install the VMware vSphere Client.
  2. Install and deploy the SD-WAN VPX-SE OVF Template.
  3. Configure the SD-WAN VPX-SE Management IP Address.
  4. Connect and test the deployment.
VPX Standard Edition on ESXi

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