Bot signature auto update

The Bot signature auto update functionality enables you to get the latest signatures that provide better protection and traffic management from both good and bad bots.

The signatures are auto updated on an hourly basis thereby, eliminating the need to constantly check for the availability of the most recent update. If you have enabled the Signature Auto Update functionality, the Citrix ADC appliance connects to the server hosting the signatures to check if a newer version is available.

The latest bot signatures hosted on the Amazon cloud are configured as the default Signature URL to check for the latest update. For the auto update feature to work, you must also configure the DNS server to access the external site.

Update signatures

All the user defined signature objects that are created using the bot default signature object have a version greater than zero. If you enable Signature Auto Update, all signatures are updated automatically. You can update the default action for bot signatures either by selecting a signature or a group of signatures using the search functionality on the Citrix ADC bot management GUI.

Bot signature update URL:

Configure the signature auto update

To enable the Signature Auto Update feature, you must rn the following command:

At the command prompt, type:

set bot settings SignatureAutoUpdate ON
Bot signature auto update