DNS ANY query

An ANY query is a type of DNS query that retrieves all records available for a domain name. The ANY query must be sent to a name server that is authoritative for a domain.

Behavior in ADNS mode

In the ADNS mode, the Citrix ADC appliance returns the records held in its local cache. If there are no records in the cache, the appliance returns the NXDOMAIN (negative) response.

If the Citrix ADC can match the domain delegation records, it returns the NS records. Otherwise, it returns the NS records of the root domain.

Behavior in DNS proxy mode

In proxy mode, the Citrix ADC appliance checks its local cache. If there are no records in the cache, the appliance passes the query to the server.

Behavior for Global Server Load Balancing (GSLB) domains

If a GSLB domain is configured on the ADC appliance and an ANY query is sent for the GSLB (site) domain, the appliance returns the IP address of the GSLB service. It selects this service through a load balancing decision. If the multiple IP response (MIR) option is enabled, the IP addresses of all GSLB services are sent.

For the Citrix ADC to return these records when it responds to the ANY query, all records corresponding to a GSLB domain must be configured on the Citrix ADC.


If records for a domain are distributed between the Citrix ADC and a server, only records configured on the Citrix ADC are returned.

The Citrix ADC provides the option to configure DNS views and DNS policies. These views and policies are used for performing global server load balancing. For more information, see Global Server Load Balancing.

DNS ANY query