Application Delivery Management

Citrix Application Delivery Management 12.1

The 12.1 release of Citrix Application Delivery Management (ADM) provides new features and enhancements. These new features and the enhancements to existing features optimizes the management and monitoring of your network instances and applications.

Note about the Citrix unified product portfolio:

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Implementing this transition in our products and their documentation is an ongoing process.

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To avail of the new features and enhancements, you must first upgrade your Citrix ADM server to version 12.1.

Upgrading Citrix ADM to the 12.1 Release

Download the upgrade package from the Citrix ADM Downloads page and follow the instructions in this section to upgrade your system to the latest 12.1 build. After the upgrade process has begun, Citrix ADM restarts. All existing connections are then terminated and reconnected when the upgrade is completed successfully. The existing configuration is preserved, however Citrix ADM does not process any data until the upgrade is successfully completed.

Points to note before upgrading to 12.1

  • With 12.1, the high availability deployment can configure a floating IP address on the primary node and eliminate the need for a separate NetScaler load balancer. Because of this improvement, the high availability deployment must be on the same subnet. If your current deployment is on different subnets, you must review the Upgrade document to learn about the upgrade process.

  • With 12.1, the advanced backup support has been removed. The advanced backup feature is no longer available after you upgrade to Citrix ADM 12.1. Review the Upgrade document for more details.

  • If you upgrade Citrix ADM to, the value for automated data pruning changes to default 50.

    The value changes, because with this release, the diskUtilizationHigh alarm default value is set to 50 from previous 80. And both diskUtilizationHigh and data pruning are controlled internally by a single entity. As a result, the value for automated data pruning is also automatically adjusted to 50. The Citrix ADM software starts pruning data when the new threshold is met (50), therefore, you might lose data.

    Navigate to System > System Administration and click System Prune Settings. Click Edit and set the Data Prune Threshold Value to 80 or any value higher than 50.

  • Back up the Citrix ADM server before you upgrade.

  • After the upgrade, you might have to reestablish connections between the Citrix ADM server and the managed instances. A confirmation prompt warns you that connections can fail if you proceed.

  • For Citrix ADM servers in high availability setup, when upgrading, do not make any configuration changes on either of the nodes.

  • It is also important to understand the licensing framework and types of licenses before you start to upgrade. For Citrix ADM licensing information, see Licensing.

For more information, see Upgrade.


Do not refresh the browser until the upgrade process is successfully completed. It might take a few minutes for the upgrade process to finish.

Note: If you are using Citrix ADM for the first time, see Get Started.

What’s New in Release 12.1

This release optimizes the Citrix ADM support for multi-site Citrix ADC deployments, and also includes improvements to high availability and disaster recovery for Citrix ADM high availability deployments. Before upgrading to the release, see Upgrade.

This release further strengthens the application-centric approach to help you address various application delivery challenges with multiple enhancements to Application performance analytics and Application Security analytics. Also, the release includes new StyleBooks for enterprise applications such as, Oracle E-business suite, Google applications, and ADFS.

This release also includes vCPU based licensing for Citrix ADC VPX and Citrix ADC CPX.

Also, it includes improvements to Instance dashboard and also enables you to customize the Network Reports.

For a comprehensive list of new features and enhancements, see Release Notes.

Citrix Application Delivery Management 12.1