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Configure the export of NetScaler metrics and audit logs to Splunk

NetScaler supports direct export of metrics to Splunk in the JSON format. NetScaler provides rich metrics to monitor your application health and application security health. By exporting the metrics provided by NetScaler to Splunk, you can visualize the metrics and get meaningful insights.

Audit logging enables you to log the NetScaler states and status information collected by various modules in NetScaler. By reviewing the logs, you can troubleshoot problems or errors and fix them.

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To configure the export of metrics and audit logs to Splunk through NetScaler Console:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Observability Integration.

  2. In the Integrations page, click Add.

  3. In the Create Subscription page, specify the following details:

    1. Specify a name of your choice in the Subscription Name field.

    2. Select NetScaler as the Source and click Next.

    3. Select Splunk as the Destination and click Configure. In Configure Endpoint:

      • Endpoint URL - Specify the Splunk endpoint details. The end point must be in the https://SPLUNK_PUBLIC_IP:SPLUNK_HEC_PORT/services/collector/event` format.

      • Authentication Token - Copy and paste the authentication token from Splunk.

      • Click Submit.

    4. Click Next.

    5. Click Add Insights and select NetScaler Metrics and NetScaler Audit Logs, and then click Add Selected.

    6. Click Next.

    7. Click Add Instances and select the instances.

    8. Click Submit.

Configure the export of NetScaler metrics and audit logs to Splunk

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