Application Delivery Management

Low Session Reuse

Citrix ADC instances process SSL transactions by offloading the SSL handshake process from the server. Upon receiving the response from the server, the Citrix ADC instance completes the secure transaction with the client. Using the cached session parameters, the Citrix ADC instance completes the SSL handshake process for the consecutive requests.

If in case these sessions are not reused, they become an overhead for the Citrix ADC instances. Using the Low Session Reuse indicator, you can identify if the actual number of sessions being reused is less.

Click the Low Session Reuse tab to view the issue details.

Low session reuse

The Recommended Action to troubleshoot the issue is to either disable the session reuse or reduce the session timeout. For more information, see Session Reuse.

Under Details, you can view:

  • Total applications that have Low session reusage

  • The time that occurred the low session reuse anomaly

  • Total occurrences

  • The anomaly severity such as high, low, and medium

  • The detection message indicating only % of the configured sessions are being reused

Low Session Reuse